A glimpse into the exciting features and enhancements we're crafting for your future experience.

CSV Import

Completed - September 01, 2023

CSV import enables automated transaction uploads using CSV files for automatic and ease of data entry.

Bond Features Suite

Completed - October 10, 2023

Streamline bond investment with a suite of tools for pricing, management, and metrics visualization, coupled with a comprehensive bond database and detailed coupon flow charts.

Advanced Analytics

Completed - October 05, 2023

Portfolio analysis tools introduced, including risk-return optimization, correlation matrix, and allocation strategies.

Integrated Stock Search

Completed - October 01, 2023

Dashboard now features direct stock searches, facilitating quicker access to stock details directly from the portfolio interface..

Consolidated Portfolio Dashboard

Completed - October 20, 2023

Users can now view a combined summary of their entire portfolio value with the option to examine single or aggregated portfolio details within the Dashboard.

Portfolio Allocation Visualization

Completed - November 08, 2023

Enhancing portfolio visualization to display allocations by asset type, sector, geography, and broker, including a drill-down feature for detailed analysis.

Add Allocations

Completed - November 20, 2023

Adding allocations to each holding allows the user to customize, optimize and display the allocation of each category (e.g categorizing as "Bond" to individual bonds, bond funds, etc allows to better track and rebalance the allocation to bonds).

Integrated Watchlist Feature

Completed - December 28, 2023

Introducing a dedicated watchlist feature, directly accessible from the dashboard. This new functionality will allow users to easily track and analyze stocks of interest without needing to create a separate portfolio. This streamlined approach will offer a more efficient and user-friendly experience for monitoring potential investment opportunities.

Dividend Management Tools

Completed - January 15, 2025

Developing comprehensive dividend tools including charts, yield calculations, historical data tracking, and a dividend calendar.

Custom assets

Completed - February 20, 2024

Introducing the capability to include and manage a diverse range of custom assets within the portfolio.

CSV Import enhancement

Completed - April 20, 2024

CSV import for automatic entry from different brokers, apps or free format files. For all asset classes, including bonds, also allowing to easily enter bonds that are not currently in our database.

Help page and Tutorials

Completed - April 27, 2024

Include a Help page with best practices on how to use the platform and short videos with tutorials of how best to use AIV.

Portfolio Rebalancing

Completed - May 15, 2024

Precise portfolio asset allocation adjustments and strategic rebalancing based on personal investment goals and recommendation based on current stock price. Includes functionality for regular portfolio reviews to maintain target asset allocation.


Completed - May 27, 2024

Planned enhancement to provide users with the option to receive notifications about dividends and custom price changes directly through Email.

Market Data Enhancement

Currently Under Development

Working to upgrade our market data sources to increase the scope and provide better and broader bond pricing, international upcoming dividend information, and real-time stock prices.

Foreign Exchange Rate Application

In Development

Introducing features to account for foreign exchange rates in trade tracking to measure performance accurately in multi-currency portfolios.

Broker synchronizations

In Progress - Expected completion date TBD

Support broker synchronizations for automatic import of transactions.

ETF holdings allocation

Currently Under Development

Improve the Asset Allocations per Sector & Country to include the percentage of the ETF's assets that are invested in each country/sector.

Dividend Calendar

Currently Under Development

Tool to easily explore the stocks in the market that have recently paid or will pay soon dividends. This feature is already available for user's stocks.

Enhanced Security with Dedicated Private Server

Planned - Date TBD

We are committed to providing our users with the highest level of data security. To this end, we're planning a significant upgrade to our hosting infrastructure by moving to a new dedicated server. This transition will ensure enhanced security for all user data and interactions, providing an even more robust and secure environment for managing your investment portfolio.

Handle different liquidation modes

In Progress - Expected completion date TBD

Handle selling of transactions per portfolio using different liquidation modes. Currently only Average Price is available.

Tax Reporting Tools

Planned - Completion Timing To Be Determined

Upcoming features designed to simplify and assist with tax reporting.

Investor Social Network

Planned - Completion Timing To Be Determined

Proposed social features to foster community engagement, share and search public user portfolios, and share valuable investment insights.

Stock Screener

Planned - Completion Timing To Be Determined

Advanced search tools to identify and evaluate stocks with strong value propositions.

Clearing account

In Progress - Expected completion date TBD

Handle cash accounts for all portfolios.

Financial Analysis

Planned - Completion Timing To Be Determined

Future integration of financial statements, balance sheet insights, and DCF valuation metrics for a deeper investment analysis.


Upcoming - Completion Timing To Be Determined

Upcoming enhancement to include inflation tracking, enabling users to view real after-inflation returns on investments.

After-Tax Returns Calculation

Upcoming - Completion Timing To Be Determined

Include an after-tax returns calculation feature. This will allow investors to assess the net profitability of their investments, considering tax implications. The feature is designed to provide a more accurate and realistic view of investment performance, taking into account various tax rates and regulations.

Option Trades and Pricing Strategies

Upcoming - Completion Timing To Be Determined

Planned future development to incorporate options trading and option pricing strategies into the platform. This feature will enable users to diversify their investment strategies with options, providing tools for sophisticated option trade analysis, pricing strategies, and risk assessment.

Allow trading from AIV

Under discussion

Initiative to allow trading directly from AIV platform using Write rights access from synced broker.

Mobile Application Development

Under discussion

Future initiative to develop a mobile application, offering a seamless and convenient experience for users on-the-go. This development will focus on bringing the full functionality of our platform to a mobile APP in Google Play/Apple Store.

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